Started aged 12, playing a homemade guitar - self taught with friends. Totally inspired by Hank Marvin, The Shadows and Duane Eddy.

Joined a school group which morphed into the 'Renegades'. They played around the first Bristol Group circuit during 1963/4.

Brief stints with other Bristol bands followed, which included 'Johnny Hastings & the Tributes'. I left when they went to Germany to seek their fortune. I decided it was safer to remain in insurance – boring!

Joined Bristol University Blues Group, the 'RBQ' (Rhythm & Blues Quartet) and played Groups Galore at The Colston Hall in 1965.

Joined up with Mike Tobin in 'Obsession' playing the 'Granary' Bristol and other venues.

Paul, with Philpott

Then 'Dawn', with John Tippett, Tony Bird and James Warren. We had a spell recording original material in various major London Studios financed by Herman's Hermits management but which came to nothing.

'Renegades' reformed in 1985 for a further 20 years rock'n’roll – all our yesterdays!

I also enjoyed a long spell playing guitar with Tony Osborne in 'Last Resort', specialising in up market charity balls.

In the last few years, have play live and recorded with 'The Korgis' hit songs include 'Everyone Got to Learn Sometime' and 'If I Had You'.

In 1998 joined this funny lot from Chew Valley then called 'Country Pie' playing country rock music.
We changed to 'Rockola' in 2001 and we’re still going strong!

Currently recording an original album with singer 'Lacie Hall'.