Ivor aged 15 with hair, and the electric guitar he built himself (the one on the right)


I started to learn the guitar when I was 14 on a guitar I made in the woodwork class at
school. Beside being almost impossible to play it also suffered from picking up
conversations between aircraft and the control tower at Lulsgate airport, which was very annoying. However I was very keen to learn and after many hours of practice I new enough chords to play 'rhythm guitar' on 'Shadows' tunes played by my mates.
We did our first gig when I was 17 and we called ourselves 'The Press Gang'.
Due to popular demand I stopped playing when I was 21.

I started playing again about 18 years later, this time playing bass with Rowland and Ken and others in a band called 'Chew Valley Rock' playing dances in our local area. After a few years we changed our style and became a country band for a couple of years calling ourselves 'Country Pie'. 'Rock and Roll' drew us back and we became 'Rockola' in 2001.

Ivor, Country Pie
Ivor on stage with Country Pie at one of their charity functions in aid of The Children's Hospice


The Colston Hall, Bristol. Having seen so many of my Rock Hero's on stage at the Colston Hall over the years it was a thrill to perform there with Rockola in December 2003 and 2005.

The Bishop Sutton Theatre Company
I was the musical director of The Bishop Sutton Theatre Company from 1990 to 2004. Having an interest in the theatre, I really enjoyed this job until 'Rockola's runaway fame!' drew me away.